PDF Presentations

Introduction on genetics and the genotype-phenotype map

Mapping the genes underlying phenotypic changes of interest

Interactions between several loci, Epistasis, Super Genes, Pleiotropy, Interactions Genes x Environment

Genetic Screens, CRISPR and gene drive

Quantitative Genetics, Noise, Cryptic Variation, Robustness, Epigenetics

Meta-analysis of the Genes underlying Phenotypic Changes

Genetic bases of phenotypic plasticity (Jean-Michel Gibert)

The Genotype-Phenotype Map for Shape: Insights from Morphogenesis (Alexis Matamoro-Vidal)

Coloration: a great system to study genotype-phenotype relationships (Thibault Lorin)

Short exercices

Various genetics exercices

Analysis of experimental data

Evolution of coat color in snowshoe hares
Evolution of polyphenism in the Lepidoptera Manduca sexta

Gephebase practicals